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Consultancy: Intelligent Training Review
A Training Review is a very useful exercise to carry out when considering introducing a new training implementation such as a technology based training course, using e-learning or a blended approach, or something on a grander scale, such as a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS). 

Conation Technologies will work with you to identify redundant courses, those requiring updating, and gaps in your training provision.  We can also carry out Training Needs Analysis and Performance Analysis to direct your training resources where they are needed now.  By looking at the big picture the usefulness of a LMS, LCMS or maybe Knowledge Management System can be estimated realistically before entering the marketplace, giving clients important information on which to base any specifications.

Consultancy: Intelligent Client Procurement Service
Based on our experience and observation of other projects, it is our belief that many organisations get less value than they might from their investment in training, particularly Technology Based Training (TBT) and e-learning.  One reason for this is that they do not know enough about the potential of TBT and the way in which learning materials should be developed to ensure that their needs are fully met.  When commissioning materials from consultancies and production houses, they are therefore limited as to what is possible. In these circumstances, Conation Technologies can act as an ‘intelligent client’ on behalf of the commissioning organisation, guiding them through this process, ensuring that key aspects of the training are not missed, and that the potential suppliers really understand what they are being asked to do.  The tasks include:

·         Understanding what might be possible through the project

·         Coping with potentially conflicting political, training and technological aspirations

·         The preparation of the project specification and proposal

·         Bidding for funds from government and other agencies

·         Managing the tendering process

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Consultancy: Intelligent Project Management

Conation Technologies offers an Intelligent Project Management service to help clients through the development, production and implementation stages of training projects, especially e-learning.  During this process the experienced project manager from Conation Technologies will coach the client project manager and team through typical problems and anticipating the not-so typical hiccups that occur in all TBT and e-learning development projects.  Typical stages requiring support include:

·         Managing the project; working with the client and production house project managers

·         Managing the instructional design process

·         Media selection and the implications for project management

·         Coaching Subject Matter Experts to contribute more effectively to training development

·         Managing the development of TBT and e-learning materials (and other projects that rely heavily on creative resources)

·         Mediating on behalf of the client to avoid potential conflicts and resolve issues before they jeopardise the successful outcome of the project

·         Managing the organisational rollout so that the innovation sticks

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Consultancy: Intelligent Evaluation
Evaluation of training systems, in particular relating training and development outcomes with identified needs to demonstrate the value that is being obtained from training and development and identify ways in which that value can be increased.

Evaluation of training materials is often restricted to a superficial examination of whether the learners 'enjoyed the experience.' Conation believes that training should be evaluated in the context of the changes that the organisation was trying to bring about. These changes may be expressed in terms of affective behaviour, improved skills and/or competences, knowledge and understanding - or a combination of all three.

Our models of evaluation look at the learners, their perceptions of change and their managers' perceptions of change, before and immediately after the training is completed and some months later, comparing what existed before with what exists now. This intelligent approach provides a more complete picture than the typical post-course snapshot, and enables managers at all levels to assess the value of the training - and to make more informed decisions about how to specify and deploy training in the future.

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Training: Developing Intelligent Staff

Conation Technologies has a number of targeted activities which can be used in conjunction with our services or run as separate events to assist clients develop useful skills concerning TBT and e-learning.  These are in addition to the coaching and mentoring included in the above services we offer.  These include:

Developing effective e-learning - addressing various skills gaps and mapped to competences for developers and project managers of TBT projects

Making the innovation stick - maximising the chances of success and minimising the risk associated with change

Be a Better Subject Matter Expert - Improving the effectiveness of subject matter experts

Pharaoh's Pyramid - addressing issues around procurement

Printing Press exercise - implementation issues unwrapped


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