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Pharaoh's Pyramid

The Printing Press                                                           

How much does change management affect your

organisation?   Would you like to improve your work force’s ability  to manage change effectively?



This simulation is set in the England of the 1400s, when Church Law was law and the power held by the Church demonstrated itself in many ways- not least by the power of the written word.

In the days when Monks had the sole market in the production of books we see what changed this world for ever by the invention of the Printing Press. Set in a Monastery about to be blessed by a visiting Archbishop, with villagers gathered and the Lord and Lady of the Manor in attendance, what will happen when two entrepreneurs with Printing Presses appear on the scene? From this initial scenario, the participants play out the roles they are given to explore possible consequences. Alliances may form, discussions will be held and the advantages and disadvantages discussed to see if people will cooperate to buy a Press and how this will affect everyone involved. The invention of the Printing Press was a highly disruptive change to people’s way of life - much as the internet has affected the way business is now conducted.

Decision making, persuading others and influencing are all skills required to ensure the changes are embraced and accepted across the board – as originally happened in the 1400’s.  In some cases these skills can be deployed to frustrate change or to alter its direction.  

This simulation allows people to explore how they are affected by change sometimes to their potential benefit and sometime adversely.  It help them to see how they can embrace changes and develop their skills in persuasion and influencing, in a ‘safe’ environment - away from the real workplace itself.

Key Business Benefits

  • Better negotiation and persuading skills leading to an acceptance of change.

  • Managing change more effectively thereby reducing risk and unnecessary costs.

  • Better internal communication - getting team buy-in.

Time required: A one day development session

Who can benefit: Anyone affected by change (ie: everyone in the organisation!)

Number of players: Minimum 15 players up to 80

Fees: Two trainers for the day and all equipment plus a follow up learning pack for each participant on application.

Download the course description as a pdf file