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Pharaoh's Pyramid                                                               


When was your team last stretched in new ways with a challenge

none of them had ever faced before?

How about one from 3500 years ago?


This game takes your team back to the land of the Pharaohs in which the participants are required to design and plan for an appropriate tomb that will ensure the ailing Pharaoh has the best possible departure to the afterlife.  The cast includes senior court figures as well as artisans and craftsmen.  The Royal Court specifies the requirements and under strict time frames the Pyramid builders must produce a fully costed and suitable design proposal for the building of the greatest pyramid Ancient Egypt has ever seen!

As well as producing full calculations and a workable proposal down to the number of stone blocks required- they will need to decide whether to bring in outside help in the form of freelancers and how much they will spend on the final pyramid. Of course, just like in the real world, they will also have to overcome competition from other building contractor teams, their own lack of knowledge and the hidden agendas of those advising them!

For an action packed and totally unique team challenge – which will lead to a much better understanding of how your teams can best perform – look no further than Pharoah’s Pyramid.

Key Business Benefits

  • Better negotiation and persuading skills leading to more focused Service Level Agreements and effective tender specifications

  • Enhanced project management skills reducing risk and unnecessary costs

  • Better internal communication - getting team buy-in

Time required: The exercise takes 3 hours and usually forms the core of a one day development session

Who can benefit: Managers, team members and established or newly created project teams

Number of players: minimum 15 players up to 80

Fees: For two trainers for the day and all equipment plus follow up learning pack for each participant on application

What others have said:

“This game helps you to learn from the Egyptians how to succeed when opinions outweigh the factual evidence!”                        - Howard Hills, Howard Hills Associates

“Highly relevant covering all the skills that analysts need to do their jobs well. Richly interactive and very focused day.”        - Phil Green, Optimum Learning Ltd

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