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Developing effective e-learning for the rail industry 




As with all forms of training, e-learning needs to be well designed if it is to be motivating for the trainees, effective and efficient.  This three-day course, developed specifically for the rail industry aims to help trainers to design e-learning materials to meet that challenge. It covers basic training design skills and applies them to situations requiring training solutions, including blended and e-learning. 


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

         Describe the main feature of effective instructional design

         Explain the principles of adult learning

         Develop effective instructional, assessment, implementation and evaluation strategies

         Apply criteria by which to judge the quality of instructional, assessment, implementation and evaluation strategies

         Carry out the required analysis for a training project

         Set clear goals and objectives for training and assessment

         Select appropriate media for the training

         Produce a Design Specification for an e-learning or blended learning course

         Explain the importance of standards to training, specifically to e-learning

         Develop storyboards or Programmable Ready Materials (PRM)

The course outcomes will be linked to the relevant competences from the National Occupational Standards for Training and Development and the RSSB Good Practice Guide on Training.

Timing and format

The timing is flexible.  The first two days of the course should preferably be on consecutive days, followed by a third day about four weeks later.  This final day provides an opportunity to discuss the project work produced by the trainers and to consider the next stages of development.

The course is designed around project work using real examples to ensure that the maximum benefit is obtained.  It is highly intensive and interactive, with plenty of examples, many drawn from the rail industry, to view and discuss.   Support is provided for learners between the second and third day of the course via e-mail or telephone as required. Eight hours of tutor support is included in the course fee.  Course materials comprising of handouts, checklists and paper-based development tools will be provided for each participant.


Our fees for delivering the three day course on your premises including tutorial support, for between six and ten participants is 4000.00 ex VAT.  Expenses are charged as incurred.

What others have said:

Jan Seabrook is in the top rank of instructional designers today. Majid Al-Kadar, Skills2Learn

Download the course description as a pdf file