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Making the innovation stick


Do you want to have an informed approach to change

in your organisation and give your projects the

very best chance of success?



This one day workshop is designed to improve management skills by focusing on the issue of ‘making the innovation stick.’  There are many instances of organisations investing time and money in projects designed to deliver significant benefits  which were abandoned after a few months because insufficient attention was paid to obtaining real commitment from senior management and other staff on the ground.

The workshop incorporates the Printing Press simulation which is used to reinforce and integrate the competences covered in the earlier discussions and interactive sessions.  There are a series of small group exercises that help participants develop their skills in persuading and influencing

This simulation allows people to explore how they are affected by change - sometimes to their potential benefit and sometimes adversely.  It help them to see how they can embrace changes and develop their skills in persuasion and influencing, in a ‘safe’ environment - away from the real workplace itself.

Key Business Benefits

  • ·         More effective management of change thus reducing risk and costs.

  • ·         Better negotiation and persuading skills leading to an acceptance of change.

  • ·         Better internal communication - getting team buy-in.

The workshop will help participants to:

  • ·         Identify the stakeholders in the innovation and understand their wants and needs

  • ·         Identify active and potential opponents to the innovation and understand their concerns

  • ·         Develop strategies for overcoming objections

  • ·         Improve their  listening and negotiating skills

  • ·         Win the hearts and minds of all those involved in, and affected by, the innovation, to gain their active support.

Time required: A one day development session

Who can benefit: Anyone affected by change (ie: everyone in the organisation!)

Number of participants: Between 15 and 80

Fees: Two trainers for the day and all equipment plus a follow up learning pack for each participant on application.


Download the course description as a pdf file